Octopus Insump Skimmer 110NT 150NT 200NT


3 sizes:

Internal Sump Skimmer for up to 500L Aquariums. 200 x 160 x 500mm / 110mm Dia Air Suction Intake 300L/hr 1 x 1000L/hr (18w) Pump Supplied Includes Needle Wheel Implellor

Internal Sump Skimmer for up to 800L Aquariums. 300 x 200 x 580mm / 150mm Dia Air Suction Intake 450L/hr 1 x 2000L/hr (38w) Pump Supplied

Internal Sump Skimmer for up to 1500L Aquariums. 380 x 220 x 600mm / 200mm Dia Air Suction Intake 600L/hr 1 x 3000L/hr (65w) Pump Supplied.



Bi-Directional Reaction Fuselage

Extends contact time of air and water by directing water flow in two directions, creating a twin cyclonic water path in the fuselage. This ensures water passing through the fuselage is free from organics.


Super-Streamed Performance

19 pin needle wheel impellers super-stream the fusion of air and water as it enters the chamber. This means more skimming action per motor rotation.


Energy Efficient Reefing

Classic is powered by Octopus Turbine Pumps. Using less wattage per liter & generating less heat compared to previous generations, these units deliver more efficient performance for your filter.

Engineered for the Professional Reefer

These products are constructed with performance tested Cell Cast Acrylic, SCH-80 dark grey PVC, JG fittings and silicon O-rings. These materials will not color fade, are crack resistant, inert and non-corrosive, giving you the dependability you need and the performance your reef deserves.

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500L, 800L, 1200L