Pinnacle RO Unit


Reverse osmosis, also known as hyperfiltration, is the finest filtration known. This process will allow the removal of particles as small as ions from a solution. Reverse osmosis is used to purify water and remove impurities in order to improve the color, taste or properties of the fluid.

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3models 50gallon /200L/DAY 100gallon/ 400L/DAY and 200gallon / 800L/DAY

* One carbon prefilter to ensure long membrane life.

* One 5 micron sediment filter.

* Standard Seachem membrane removes 99% of all impurities including silicates.

* Highest quality components available.

100gal and 200gal model also includes  One DI cartridge in its packaging.

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50gallon/day, 100 gallon/day, 200gallon/day