Prac-tic Dogs Flea Treat


Key Benefits

Kill fleas and ticks fast
Protects your dog for four weeks
Is effective even after bathing or multiple water immersion
Is easy to apply

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Size Guide:

Under 50 kg please choose from product options menu.

For dogs over 50 kg apply the appropriate combination of pipettes

Practic Dog Flea Treatment

PRAC-TIC is a spot-on treatment for fleas and ticks, one pipette will help to keep those nasty fleas away for four weeks. Simply apply on the back of your dogs neck and remember that successful flea treatment is carried out all year round. Combine regular treatment of your pet with treating your pets environment like their bed, and favourite blanket and fleas will be a thing of the past.


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Dog Size

Very Small 2 – 4.5kg, Small 4.5 – 11kg, Medium 11 – 22kg, Large 22 – 50kg